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Welcome to Last Night!

soooo yea I spent the whooooole day with James yesterday!

he made me an ink drawing of Spike Speigel ^_^

and since we're anime nerds we watched Cromartie High School and Full Metal Panic FUMOFU (WHICH I NOW LOVE

I like his sisters a lot, they're insane but hilarious

and then it really sucked when I almost passed out/couldn't really breathe/I dont even know what happened..he took it really well and didn't panic

& just ...yay!

&& I stole some more of his clothes. 
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Kona-chan: sad

Welcome to ...Yeah!

I have a boyfriend. 

that thought still hasn't sunk in, for either of us. 

I met his parents today. they're friggin awesome. I love his tiny house and his giant backyard and the rooster next door.

I'm very calm around him. I like him.

we're both anime freaks.

his name is

& I don't think I can never listen to Zepplin's In the Light again without remembering tonight.